About Saida

Welcome to Saida's Kitchen

A Somali native, I moved to Italy when I was six and am now based in London, UK. With such a rich food culture all around me, my love of food developed quickly.

I regularly returned to Somalia for the summer holidays and to visit my grandmother Xawa. She was an inspiring cook who had travelled around Africa, the Middle East, Italy and Portugal.

Xowa kept my passion for African foods alive. She taught me to use herbs and spices, and plant-based ingredients that are so good for wellness. Her delicious recipes have been passed down through our family generations.

African food is renowned for its bold and distinctive flavours. SAIDA’S KITCHEN offers you a culinary adventure with our range of delicious sauces inspired by the countries of this amazing and diverse continent.

We have launched our first three flavours and have more bubbling away. We also have a series of blog-style articles about African foods and recipes coming soon.

You can buy our products here on our website. We offer shopping discounts based on how many jars you buy.

Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting Saida’s Kitchen.